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 did u know????

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PostSubject: did u know????   did u know???? Icon_minitimeFri Aug 17, 2007 1:40 am

did u know???? Has1110
. Terra.com conducted a survey of 2000 Latin youths ages 8-26, who named Thalia one of their 10 most admired people.

2. Thalia had been voted as “the most beautiful woman of the year” in the Mexican publication of the magazine “People”.

3. She had been voted as “the most charming woman in the world” in the Greek magazine “Afisorama”. Also, in this magazine, “Reencarnacion” had been voted as “the best video clip”.

4. Thalia signed on as the first face of important creator of jewels Jacob & Co. After successfully carving a niche in the worlds of fine jewelry and luxury timepieces, and on the brink of opening his first flagship on Manhattan’s prestigious East 57th Street, the 20 year gemology veteran Jacob Arabo decided it was time to select an equally exquisite, incomparable and magnificent individual to showcase his special designs. An artist with a true eye for beauty, Jacob’s choice was none other than entertainment phenomenon, Thalia. “Like most women, I love beautiful diamonds, and Jacob is an absolute mastermind when it comes to designing with these precious stones…I was thrilled to work with him and his spectacular creations” says Thalia. “I needed to find a rare and natural beauty that would appropriately compliment my jewelry…Thalia was perfect”, expresses Arabo.

5. She was named one of People en Espanol’s 25 Most Beautiful People.

6. Thalia started her career firstly as a singer. She was in group Din Din when she was young and in 1986 (until 1989) she was in group “Timbiriche” with whom she recorded 3 successful albums. Then she continued as an actress in 1987 and she started her solo career as a singer in 1990.

7. Thalia has been declared as “the queen of Latin pop music” (S. America) and “the queen of novelas” (Mexico).

8. The 25th of April was declared Thalia Day in Los Angeles, California in 1997.

9. There is a wax figure of her in Mexico City.

10. Thalia is the youngest member of her family. She has 4 sisters: Laura, Grasiela, Federica and Ernestina.

11. Her names (Thalia, Arianda) are Greek. Her mother used to read books about Greek history before Thalia’s birth. When she was reading a book she saw the names Arianda and Thalia and she gave them to her!

12. When she was young her parents used to call her Yuya.

13. She sang for the first time when she was 3 years old in “Estudiantinas Estudian” show.

14. The president of Mexico, Ernesto Zentigio, has met Thalia and he has expressed to her congratulations about her offer in civilization.

15. Thalia has contributed with three songs to the soundtrack of the animated film “Anastasia”.

16. She likes reading and walking.

17. A perfume called “Thalia” has been released. It is unisex and there is the signature of Thalia on it.

18. Her favorite song from the album “Thalia”(2002) is “Y Seguir”, “since it talks about the strength to move forward without thinking about how difficult the road is or how far the exit is”, Thalia has said. She also likes “Tu Y Yo”, En La Fiesta Mando Yo” and “A Quien Le Importa”. And from “Thalia”(2003) her favorite songs are “What’s It Gonna Be Boy”, “Another Girl” and “Misbehavin”.

19. Dance Dance (The Mexican) caused a sensation on the night clubs of the U.S. and won the International Dance Music Award in the category "Best dance Latin track" beating artists like miss 'fijaction oral', Soluna and Las Ketchup.

20. According to a Greek magazine, Thalia had refused to star in the soap opera “La Usurpadora”. Gabriela Spanic, who starred in this soap opera, became very famous and the soap opera “La Usurpadora” has been showed in 150 countries.

21. According to a survey of Televisa, more than one billion of people have watched the trilogy of “Maria” worldwide.

22. Thalia is very famous in Philippines. In 1997 Thalia recorded the CD “Nandito Ako” only for Philippines and she sang some songs in Tagalog, the language of Philippines. The soap opera “Rosalinda” topped TV ratings in Philippines and when it completed the TV channel, which showed the soap opera, received threatening calls to show “Rosalinda” again or other soap opera with Thalia. The channel showed the soap opera “Quinceanera”. Thalia was 16 years old in this soap opera, which was shot in 1988 and she also won an award.

23. Her favorite actors and actresses are Mel Gibson, Pedro Infante, Marilyn Monroe and Julia Roberts. Her favorite singers are Celine Dion and Madonna. She also likes Doors, Aerosmith, Journey, Queen, George Michael, Bon Jovi, Billie Holiday and Bach.

24. Her favorite movies are: “Gone with the wind” and “The Red Violin”.

25. She likes wearing jeans and t-shirts.

26. She likes eating but she doesn’t like sweets. She likes fruits, tacos, tortas and she drinks a lot of water.

27. Thalia’s feelings are like Rosalinda’s! She is dreamy, romantic and she tries hard for the future and love. She believes that in a soap opera there is something for everyone…

28. Thalia met Tommy Mottola for the first time during the shoot of the film “Mambo Cafe”. They fell in love with each other during the shoot of the soap opera “Rosalinda”.

29. Thalia has talked about a funny happening: “Some years ago in a club of Mexico, while I was singing, I did a sudden movement and my trousers tore completely. Fortunately I was wearing undies…”

30. Thalia, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Donna Sammer and other celebrities have founded a foundation for women and children who have been manhandled.

31. Thalia, who has always been regarded as one of Latin music’s most successful singers, ended 2002 as the top female Latin singing star according to Soundscan.

32. She is regarded as one of the most powerful voices.

33. Thalia, who has described herself as happy and amusing, thinks that humor is one of the most important feelings that people must have in their life.

34. Thalia is a huge supporter of The Robin Hood foundation which focuses on helping less fortunate families get a fresh start and frequently surprises their organizations with visits.

35. She announced a scholarship bearing her name. Thalia, who has always believed that working hard, staying in school and following your dreams will lead to success, announced the Thalia Sodi Achievement Scholarship.

36. Thalia has always participated in educational programs from New York’s Pencil to Toys for Tots to her own yearly Christmas present giveaway.

37. In March 2003, Thalia participated in the ninth “Principal for a day” organized by the Pencil association in N.Y. She worked with the principals, teachers and students of the public schools of New York.

38. Thalia has once again broken records with her CD El Sexto Sentido (The Sixth Sense). Back in June 2005, the singer’s single, Amar Sin Ser Amada, the first single of El Sexto Sentido, broke records in Mexico by entering the Billboard charts at number one the first day it was released. No other artist in 2 decades has accomplished this in Mexico. Now Thalia will be the first Latin artist to have pre-orders of her CD available on Itunes.

39. Thalia's "I Want You" feat Fat Joe was one of the songs in the compilation of hits "Now That's What I Call Music 14".

40. Her favorite album covers are: “Thalia”(Tu Y Yo), “Thalia”(I Want You) and “Love” which is the only one without her picture on the cover!

cheers cheers
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lol! verry cool.
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did u know????
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